The Atlantic Cup - First leg winner Bodacious Dream

Class 40's, next stop Newport, RI.  Remember to join America's Cup Charters and The Atlantic Cup Class 40's for a fantastic week of sailing.  #118 Bodacious Dream won the first leg of The Atlantic Cup sailing into New York Harbor 8 minutes and 28 seconds ahead of second place winner Leqoq Cuisine.  The race started from Charleston, SC with the first offshore leg (642 nautical miles) complete there will be a short rest before the second offshore leg - the sprint to Newport, RI.   Check out the the Class 40's yachts and their inshore grand prix racing with us aboard our America's Cup 12 Meter yachts.  Click and review the programs we offer http://www.americascupcharters.com/announcements/atlantic-cup-racing-and-americas-cup-charters-team-up

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