Fort Adams getting ready for the AC Worlds!

Fort Adams is a hive of activity from the assembly of the America's Cup World Series village.  Dozens of containers are assembled into mobile shops, offices and storage, while tents cover the 45' wing sailed catamarans that will sail in the event.  Towering over the whole assembly is the high-rise crane that will pluck the boats up and  launch them into Newport harbor.  The Alofsin basin is filled with special purpose support boats, mostly large RIBS that looke ready to zoom out to the course.

Remember to complete your AC Worlds experience with a sail aboard a Winning America's Cup l2 Meter yacht - we still have room!  AC Worlds Series practice is June 26 & 27 with the racing June 28-July1.  Contact us for our special 4 hour sail Info@AmericasCupCharters.com.

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