What People Are Saying

"While a handful of our guests were sailors, a majority were not. Nevertheless, everyone had a terrific time and raved about how much fun they had. The crew was extremely professional and made everyone feel safe and comfortable."

Ben Kinney, Bride Groom

Your Sailing Experience

Your Sailing Experience

America's Cup Charters gladly offers 12 Meter sailing expertise to assist you in providing the best possible event for your group, be it corporate or private. We tailor the program to suit our client's particular needs, whether you're seeking relaxation or the challenge of our teambuilding charter program, we make planning a sailing charter effortless for you. We understand the details involved in planning an event and can assist you by arranging everything needed to make your day out on the Bay a success. We have offered complete customized service on the waters of Newport and beyond since 1986. Your success confirms our reputation!

Your requirements will set the pace for the day, and these will have been relayed to the captains prior to boarding. It is your day on the water! Your group will be asked to gather on the dock 15-20 minutes prior to sailing. We meet you at the docks and arrange your guest into teams, assigning each to a 12 Meter yacht (if you have multiple boats). Once the teams are organized, they will all sign waivers and board. Once onboard the captain will introduce their crew and acclimate the guests to the boat. A safety talk and the history of the boat will be relayed to the guests as they motor from the dock to the center of the harbor were all interested guest will help raise the sails. A bit of a feat since the masts are approximately 90 feet tall- the size and weight of the 12 Meter's sails is impressive. From the dock to being under sail is approximately 20 minutes.

Once the sails are raised you head off to The Bay for your leisurely sail or a bit of competition. If you have chosen to race, crew positions are assigned and each guest is given instruction. The teams will practice trimming, gibing and coming about prior to racing. A race course is chosen depending on the day's conditions and laid out using government buoys as marks. A "rabbit start" is utilized unless there is a race committee boat. If a race committee boat has been chartered it will set a start line, commence a start with a canon, keep track of race times and ranking of the yachts finishes. Races may last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the length of the course, the wind conditions and the allotted charter time. We typically try to work in at least 2 races, preferably 3 during the course of a charter. If you want to race the whole charter or finish with a leisurely sail it's up to you. About 30 minutes prior to the end of the charter time the boats will sail back into the harbor and drop sail arriving back to the dock promptly at the end of the charter time.

If you have chosen a leisurely 12 Meter sail, once again it's your day. We can head up The Bay or go offshore all dependent upon the weather conditions and what your interest are. The guests are welcomed to get involved with the sailing or not! The beauty of sailing and the picturesque Bay provide a great setting to relax with family and friends.

If lunch and or snacks and beverages are desired you are welcomed to bring your own or we can provide them for you. We have delicious options to fit all taste and price ranges. We do suggest these lunches to be "boxed" for ease of handling and eating aboard our sailing yachts.

At the day's end your guest will return with a truly unique and memorable experience of 12 Meter sailing aboard these historic thoroughbreds yachts. We take our clients needs as seriously as you do and we look forward to planning your winning event!

If you would like more information on our 12 Meter Charters please email us or fill out the information request form or you are welcome to give us a call at 401-849-5868! We look forward to working with you.