What People Are Saying

"Sailing on America's Cup Charters 12 Meter boats is perhaps the best team building exercise I can imagine; and I'm sure we can apply in our day-to-day work some of those same principles that helped build such effective and competitive crews aboard Weatherly and American Eagle."

Peter Dowd, Texaco

Corporate Team Building in Newport, RI

Quality and excellence, the goals of all successful companies, are embodied in the vessels that we offer. Authentic America's Cup winner  Weatherly, two time 'Cup winner Intrepid, Ted Hood's powerful Nefertiti,, or Ted Turner's winning former ocean racer American Eagle.   All are symbols of American prowess in the sailing world. They not only exemplify the spirit of excellence in American yacht design and construction; they provide the unique catalyst that will elevate your team building program to a world-class event.

For the 2016 season we are excited to be partnering with The Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina for a corporate package deal.   For details -   www.americascupcharters.com/announcements/team-building-package-with-the-newport  or call us at 401-849-5868.

Our America's Cup 12 meter class yachts are the perfect training platform for developing effective teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. These thoroughbreds of yacht racing are large and powerful - demanding a level of teamwork unequaled by most endeavors. Our experienced crew assigns your team members positions, explains their "job" and how their performance translates to besting the competition. The rapid development of new skills, prompt decision making, and precise communication, all required in sailing our America's Cup 12 meter yachts, translate directly to your business setting. The racecourse provides a constant measure of the efficacy of one's team.   On-water team building in Newport, originated with America's Cup Charters.  We set the benchmark for on-water events.  Since 1986, America's Cup Charters has been providing the best in Newport sailing.  Our longevity gives us a greater understanding of successful planning and the keys to client satisfaction.  Our corporate team building charters are  exciting, challenging and safe -the ultimate "hands-on" team building activity!  For a cohesive team look check out our Crew Gear, it's a great way to unify a team. Custom logos can be applied to all of the gear.

Email us for more detailed information or fill out our Information Request form. Our America's Cup 12 Meter yachts are beautiful and powerful and provide a memorable team building experience. We look forward to working with your team!