What People Are Saying

"Your fleet of yachts is truly a treasure. No where else in the world are so many Cup winners provided. I would also like to commend Julie Lassy for her diligent effort."

Will Sofrin, Carnegie Abbey

Set Sail

What Time Do We Set Sail?

Morning, noon or night! Our yachts are available for full day, morning, afternoon and sunset charters. Any time of day on the water is the right time for a 12 Meter charter!

All times of the day have their advantages, so it all depends upon your particular needs or business schedule. Our full day charter is eight hours - the day is yours, cruising or racing or a bit of both. Take lunch in a quiet cove or rafted up to other 12's, followed by some afternoon sailing and a return to town with a victory lap around the harbor.

A morning charter is usually 9-1 pm, a great way to start the day. A quieter harbor and Bay awaits you. You can start your cruise with some breakfast muffins and coffee as you take in the sights. Finish up the morning charter with some friendly racing before heading off to afternoon meetings.

Afternoon charters are usually 1:30-5:30 pm, you can start with a boxed lunch or just jump into the sailing action. Once again if you want to race or cruise Narragansett Bay it's up to you. The afternoon sail is a great way to invigorate your group after morning meetings and before they held out for dinner.

Sunset sails offer beautiful light and cooling summer breezes. The America's Cup 12 Meter sunset charter is a great way to cool off and end the work day with a calming sail or a quick exciting race.

All the times are flexible for your 12 Meter charter please just contact us!