What People Are Saying

"A big thank you from the CMA for yet another fabulous day of sailing!  Everyone had a great time, as they always do!  It was one of the closet finishes we have ever had.  We really appreciate everything that you and your team did for us and do for us every year.  We look forward to next season.

L. Parsons, Ct Maritime Association



George Hill

America's Cup Charters co-owner and founder, George Hill, purchased the Cup Defender, Weatherly in 1986. After sailing her from Seattle, WA to Newport, RI, via the Panama Canal he commenced an ongoing restoration of the renowned 1958 mahogany 12 Meter. Placing Weatherly in the day charter trade, he began to work closely with future partner, Herb Marshall and his Twelve American Eagle.

For six years prior to becoming the owner/skipper of Weatherly, Hill captained the Alden designed, Hinckley built wooden yawl Nirvana, one of New England's legendary sailing yachts. Hill also spent five years as captain or crew aboard a variety of vessels in year-round operation between New England, the Caribbean, and Europe. It was during this period that Hill, an avid lifelong sailor refined the skills of navigation and seamanship that were first acquired while growing up in Marblehead, MA.

In addition to his Seattle-Panama-Newport voyage aboard Weatherly, Hill's offshore experience includes over twenty trips between New England and West Indian or Florida ports, two transatlantic passages, winter fishing at the edge of the continental shelf and numerous ocean races including the Newport-Bermuda and Marblehead-Halifax races. Hill has extensive coastwise experience, marine woodworking skills and worked as a sail maker for four years. He holds a U.S. Merchant Marine Masters License for motor or auxiliary sailing vessels of up to 100 tons, which he first acquired in 1978.

Herb Marshall
American Eagle

Herb Marshall is the co-owner with George Hill of America's Cup Charters. They were also key partners in the restorations of the1962 America's Cup Contender, Nefertiti and the 1967 and 1970 Cup Defender, Intrepid. Marshall is also the Vice President of the International Twelve Metre Association.

In 1987 Marshall purchased the famous America's Cup 12 Meter American Eagle in Annapolis, MD and sailed her back to her racing waters of Newport, RI. During that first winter, "Eagle" went through a major refit, but Marshall states that he has since learned that "you do this EVERY year!"

Marshall grew up on the coast of New England where he has captained yachts since age eighteen and actively raced since 1976. Marshall's sailing experience is complimented by his business expertise. He was part owner of a yacht company that imported custom sail and power yachts from Finland, and owned a boatyard on Cape Cod, where he specialized in the repair of wooden boats such as Beetle Cats, and the building of Barnstable Catboats. He also operated a commercial fish export business, buying select Bluefin Tuna locally for export to the discerning Japanese market. His chartering adventures included sailing appearances in the movies "One Crazy Summer," and aboard Eagle in the 1992 film "Wind". During the course of his ownership of American Eagle, Marshall has sailed and raced with former owner, Ted Turner as well as America's Cup veterans Dennis Conner, Gary Jobson, Peter Gilmore and Bill Koch. The pride and craftsmanship that was built into American Eagle, enhanced by the constant upgrading by Marshall, has kept her as fast and striking as the day Ted Turner painted "the Bird"

Marshall holds a U.S. Merchant Marine Masters License for motor or auxiliary sailing vessels up to 100 gross ton, which he first acquired when he was 18 years old.

Mike Patterson

Since 1998 Intrepid has been under the careful watch of Captain Mike Patterson. The intervening years have been active ones for Intrepid as well as for Patterson, overseeing numerous restoration projects and a intensive racing schedule including taking Intrepid to The America's Cup Jubilee in Cowes, IOW, England in 2001.

Patterson grew up in Colorado Springs, CO where he began sailing at a early age, his first boat at the age of eight was a Laser. A lot of boat for an eight year old, but in 1983 at the age of 13 he won the Rocky Mountain Laser Championships. At 15 he spent a year and a half sailing the coast of Mexico with his family aboard their Island 32'.

While at Maine Maritime Academy he captained the offshore racing team and sailed various boats including 420's, Shields and their 38' IMS yacht Madcap. He graduated in 1996 with a degree in Yacht and Small Vessel Management. The following season he crewed for Ed Baird on his two boat testing program for PACT 2000. Patterson holds a U.S. Merchant Marine 200 Ton Masters License and a 500 ton International Tonnage Certificate.

Walter Cavanagh

Walter’s passion for boats began as a child growing up in Newport, RI, where he sailed 420’s, Sheilds and Lasers in Narragansett Bay. As a teenager he worked summers on the Newport commercial lobster boat Rock Lobster.

While attending the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth where he received a BS in Textile Engineering, he augmented his studies by playing Lacrosse. After college he began his yachting career by sailing summers in Newport and wintering in Squaw Valley as a ski instructor.

His sailing experience includes numerous Newport ‒ Caribbean deliveries, Several aboard the Swan Cienega and sailing aboard the sloop Van Ki Pass in the Mediterranean. Walter was Crew for 3 years and Captain for 2 aboard the classic 83' Fife yacht Adventuress.

Walter has worked with America’s Cup Charters as Mate on Weatherly in 2010 and then aboard Nefertiti in 2011. In August he became Neffie's Captain. We look forward to seeing him on the helm for the 2012 season.

Sales Manager

Julie Lassy

Julie joined America's Cup Charters in 2002 after running her own retail business in Newport for 12 years. She grew up in landlocked Northwest Connecticut, but once she saw the ocean she never looked back. Arriving in Newport after a stint in Nantucket, she pursued her interest in boating. Julie built a wooden sea kayak on her own, and then decided she would take a boat building class at the Museum of Yachting. Once the course was completed she volunteered as a Boat Keeper.

America's Cup Charters proved to be the perfect place to merge her interest in the sea with her extensive business experience. As our sales manager Julie promotes and books our charters with great zest, always tailoring the charter to the client's needs.

Be it an America's Cup 12 Meter Regatta, a corporate teambuilding exercise, or a family reunion - no two charters are alike. Julie's attention to detail, "can do" attitude and enthusiasm for the boats inevitably produce a successful event.

Ticketed Sales

Bruce S. Aldrich

Bruce joined America's Cup Charters for the 2007 season as our sales director for our 2 hour afternoon and sunset sails. A lifelong Newport resident, Bruce brings his enthusiasm and love of sailing on Narragansett Bay to his job of selling classic 12 Meter ticketed sails. For over 20 years he has taught Physical Education in Newport Schools, dovetailing perfectly with our ticketed sailing season.

His teaching skill set - communication, motivation and organization - all work well in managing the calendar for our 12 Meter ticketed sails. Bruce's sailing experience and his lifelong familiarity with Newport are a great combination for answering any questions that our guests might have regarding our town and what to expect during their sailing experience.